What is Brick?

Brick is a bundle of reusable UI components created to enable rapid development of cross-browser and mobile-friendly HTML5 web applications.

Neat. How?

Brick components are custom HTML tags created using X-Tag — a library that makes developing Web Components easier.

Um, Web Components?

Web Components is a series of emerging W3C standards that allow developers to define custom HTML elements, and interact with them using the native DOM.

I'm the front face.
And I'm the back face.

Brick in Action


<div>I'm the front face.</div>
<div>And I'm the back face.</div>


// assume that toggleButton and flipBox are already
// defined as their respective DOM elements
toggleButton.addEventListener("click", function(){


Brick is currently in Beta. You may run into issues using the components, but it likely isn't your fault! Please let us know!

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