Mozilla Clubs: Regional Coordinator -- Description of Volunteer Role

What is a Regional Coordinator

A regional coordinator is a central role serving a global community of Mozillians dedicated to teaching the web. There will be about 10 of us this quarter, working closely together with the Mozilla Clubs team to be gracious conveners and authentic learners.

Our goal is to support club captains to teach the web in a locally relevant and sustained way. We are in service to club captains becoming better champions and facilitators of web literacy.

Moreover, since this is the first time we are trying out this project, our roles will be full of reflection, experimentation and documentation. We not only want to build out this aspect of the program together, we want to help others take on these roles effectively.

A Regional Coordinator is *not* running lots of clubs. Instead, you are recruiting, on-boarding, and sustaining club captains to achieve positive outcomes, a sense of community and purpose, and to further web literacy in the world.

Our club captains' success is our success.

The role

As regional coordinator, you will: serve your 5 - 10 Club Captains in realizing their full potential through continued mentorship, clear leadership pathways and storytelling with Mozilla.


  • serve a region by recruiting and empowering local club captains. and mentor 1-3 clubs outside your region.
  • craft the goals and messaging of your region.
  • invite promising club captains to start a club or embed club activities into their existing programs, and to be part of your regional efforts.
  • invite promising club captains to start a club or embed club activities into their existing programs, and to be part of your regional efforts.
  • curate and coordinate club activity in your region to have an impact and tell a compelling story.
  • join preparation calls with the Mozilla Clubs team and share regular feedback and open reflection with fellow regional coordinators.
  • meet on a regular basis with your club captains and adjust your support to their needs.
  • participate in Maker Party towards lighting up your region for a brief campaign.
  • monitor activity in your region, help put out club fires, and surface the best outcomes.
  • contribute to the documentation and on-boarding of future regional coordinators.
  • celebrate the people in your region and propose how to take the program forward.

Suggested time commitment:

  • 2-5 hours per week: i) Join a call every other week with regional coordinators and communicate regularly via email (1hr); ii) Arrange standing meetings with your club captains and share frequent updates on their health. (2-3hr); iii) Provide on-going support and coordination of 5-15 clubs in your region (1-2hr)
  • 5 hours per quarter for on-boarding, recap and evaluation

We're looking for a willingness to make a yearlong commitment to the role, understanding that this is the first time we're trying it and may need to adjust.


You qualify to be a regional coordinator if you:

  • have experience running or planning events to teach using participatory practices and/or web literacy.
  • inspired by the open web as a tool to unlock opportunity and empowerment
  • willingness to learn online collaboration tools such as etherpads, wikis, Github issues, and Discourse
  • reflect openly about how you learn and impact your community
  • strong facilitation skills
  • an "in service to" attitude
  • organized and mentored several Mozilla events (i.e. Maker Parties)
  • demonstrate how you're also involved in other networks. or active members in other institutions.
  • willingness to mentor and coach others to be successful
  • agree to the time commitment and willingness to support a minimum of 5 clubs

The Support

Support you'll get:

  • professional skills and experience that will unlock opportunity for you in your career adnd beyond.
  • a collaborative community of other regional coordinators who look forward to learning and serving with you.
  • an online platform to recruit, on-board and celebrate club captains.
  • a program team to ensure your region is properly supported and develop paths to securing needed resources.
  • volunteers throughout your region eager to learn about and assist with clubs or level up their mentoring.
  • programmatic advice and leadership training.
  • storytellers and copyeditors to help craft your messaging and publish outcomes.
  • website real estate to advertise your region and clubs.
  • goodwill and appreciation from all corners of the Mozilla universe.
  • a positive impact in achieving universal web literacy and empowering others grow as leaders and citizens of the web.