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Note that these docs are a work-in-progress, part of the documentation-driven-development of Mozilla’s recroom. Please don’t expect them to work yet. Thanks! ♥


# Install using npm (comes with Node.js)
# recroom is installed globally so you can use it on the command
# line from any directory.
npm install -g recroom

recroom requires Node.js. Install node to get started with recroom.

recroom uses Ember.js as the framework to build your app’s controllers, models, and views. Our documentation will walk you through the basics of how to use Ember.js to build your app, but you can always refer to the Ember.js docs if you need aditional information.

Create Your First Project

# Create a project (you can call it whatever you want).
# A new folder will be created inside the directory you
# run recroom in.
recroom new my-app

Think up a name for your project and run recroom new my-app.

Start Your App

# Enter your project's folder.
# TODO: cd into the project on creation automatically?
cd my-app

# Run your recroom app.
recroom run

Now that you’ve created an app, you can start it by running recroom run. develop it and test it. When you server your app, recroom will automatically compile your JavaScript, CoffeeScript, and Stylus.