Section 3. Participating on the Web

Data Trail Timeline

This activity was remixed from Hive Toronto, and the original project was funded by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC). Remixed for Clubs by Mozilla.

Learners will create a timeline, video or slideshow remix to demonstrate how information gets collected by companies and other organizations throughout the course of a typical day.

45 mins - 1 hour

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    Introductory Round

    Consider 3 ways you communicate with other people in a typical day. If you are alone you can write down 3 ideas on a piece of paper. If you are in a group, have a few volunteers each share an idea verbally.

    Next, consider whether any of your personal information is collected by companies or other organizations in the course of these 3 communication activities.

    For the purposes of this activity, your personal information can include your photo or video image, your name or username, the content of your communications (i.e., emails, texts), any numbers associated with your identity (i.e. phone number, account number, etc.).

    Your 3 communication activities may fit into a timeline of activities where your personal information gets collected. Review the first several entries on this example My Privacy Everyday Timeline.

    Consider individually or discuss in a group if there was anything you found surprising from the timeline.

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    Create Your Own Data Trail Timeline

    To begin to create your own data trail timeline, first spend some time writing down entries that examine where your information was collected by companies in the course of a day (approximately 1 per hour).

    Consider what tools you will use to share your timeline online. Here's an example of a data trail timeline video. You could also try making a slide show using Google Slides (part of Google Docs) or another program of your choice. If you are new to Google Slides you may wish to review Getting Started with Google Slides and then remix the template slide presentation.

    Hive Toronto

    Find audiovisual assets that are under Creative Commons (CC) or openly licensed to use to tell your data trail timeline story. You can search for Creative Commons assets at the CC Search page.

    Tell your data trail timeline story in an audiovisual way.

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    Screen Your Data Trail Timelines

    Screen your data trail timeline and discuss it with peers, classmates, or colleagues. Use the discussion prompts below to guide your discussion.

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    Discuss your Timelines to Reinforce Learning

    Was there anything that surprised you from your data timeline, or other timelines you viewed?

    Are there times in a typical day when your communications may be under surveillance?

    Are there times in a typical day when you cannot opt out of having your information collected?

    Are you recorded on video or by surveillance cameras in a typical day?

    Is privacy important to you? What issues do you care about?