Linter Rules

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Rules are sorted by severity.


Message code Severity Description
KNOWN_LIBRARY notice This is version of a JS library is known and generally accepted.
OPENDIALOG_NONLIT_URI notice openDialog called with non-literal parameter.
EVENT_LISTENER_FOURTH notice addEventListener called with truthy fourth argument.
UNEXPECTED_GLOGAL_ARG warning Unexpected global passed as an argument.
NO_IMPLIED_EVAL warning disallow the use of eval()-like methods.
OPENDIALOG_REMOTE_URI warning openDialog called with non-local URI.
NO_DOCUMENT_WRITE warning Use of document.write strongly discouraged.
JS_SYNTAX_ERROR warning JavaScript compile-time error.
UNADVISED_LIBRARY warning This version of a JS library is not recommended.
TABS_GETSELECTED warning Deprecated API tabs.getSelected.
TABS_SENDREQUEST warning Deprecated API tabs.sendRequest.
TABS_GETALLINWINDOW warning Deprecated API tabs.getAllInWindow.
TABS_ONSELECTIONCHANGED warning Deprecated API tabs.onSelectionChanged.
TABS_ONACTIVECHANGED warning Deprecated API tabs.onActiveChanged.
EXT_SENDREQUEST warning Deprecated API extension.sendRequest.
EXT_ONREQUESTEXTERNAL warning Deprecated API extension.onRequestExternal.
EXT_ONREQUEST warning Deprecated API extension.onRequest.
APP_GETDETAILS warning Deprecated API app.getDetails.
STORAGE_LOCAL warning Temporary IDs can cause issues with storage.local.
STORAGE_SYNC warning Temporary IDs can cause issues with storage.sync.
IDENTITY_GETREDIRECTURL warning Temporary IDs can cause issues with identity.getRedirectURL.
BANNED_LIBRARY error This version of a JS library is banned for security reasons.
INCOMPATIBLE_API warning API not compatible with applications.gecko.strict_min_version
ANDROID_INCOMPATIBLE_API warning API not compatible with Firefox for Android at applications.gecko.strict_min_version



Message code Severity Description
CSS_SYNTAX_ERROR error A CSS syntax error was detected.
INVALID_SELECTOR_NESTING error CSS selectors should not be nested.


Message code Severity Description
INLINE_SCRIPT warning Inline script is disallowed by CSP.
REMOTE_SCRIPT warning Remote scripts are not allowed as per Add-on Policies.


Message code Severity Description
HIDDEN_FILE warning Hidden file flagged.
FLAGGED_FILE warning Flagged filename found.

Package layout

Message code Severity Description
MOZILLA_COND_OF_USE notice Mozilla conditions of use violation.
FLAGGED_FILE_TYPE notice (Binary) Flagged file type found.
FLAGGED_FILE_EXTENSION warning Flagged file extensions found
DUPLICATE_XPI_ENTRY warning Package contains duplicate entries
ALREADY_SIGNED warning Already signed
COINMINER_USAGE_DETECTED warning Firefox add-ons are not allowed to run coin miners.
BAD_ZIPFILE error Bad zip file
FILE_TOO_LARGE error File is too large to parse

Type detection

Message code Severity Description
TYPE_NO_MANIFEST_JSON notice Add-on missing manifest_json for type detection.

Language packs

Message code Severity Description
FLUENT_INVALID warning Invalid fluent template file.

Web Extensions / manifest.json

Message code Severity Description
MANIFEST_UNUSED_UPDATE notice update_url ignored in manifest.json
PROP_VERSION_TOOLKIT_ONLY notice version is in the toolkit format in manifest.json
CORRUPT_ICON_FILE warning Icons must not be corrupt
MANIFEST_CSP warning content_security_policy in manifest.json means more review
MANIFEST_CSP_UNSAFE_EVAL warning usage of 'unsafe-eval' is strongly discouraged
MANIFEST_PERMISSIONS warning Unknown permission
NO_MESSAGES_FILE warning When default_locale is specified a matching messages.json must exist
NO_DEFAULT_LOCALE warning When _locales directory exists, default_locale must exist
UNSAFE_VAR_ASSIGNMENT warning Assignment using dynamic, unsanitized values
UNSUPPORTED_API warning Unsupported or unknown browser API
DANGEROUS_EVAL warning eval and the Function constructor are discouraged
STRICT_MAX_VERSION warning strict_max_version not required
PREDEFINED_MESSAGE_NAME warning String name is reserved for a predefined
MISSING_PLACEHOLDER warning Placeholder for message is not
WRONG_ICON_EXTENSION error Icons must have valid extension
MANIFEST_UPDATE_URL error update_url not allowed in manifest.json
MANIFEST_FIELD_REQUIRED error A required field is missing
MANIFEST_FIELD_INVALID error A field is invalid
MANIFEST_BAD_PERMISSION error Bad permission
JSON_BLOCK_COMMENTS error Block Comments are not allowed in JSON
MANIFEST_INVALID_CONTENT error This add-on contains forbidden content
CONTENT_SCRIPT_NOT_FOUND error Content script file could not be found
CONTENT_SCRIPT_EMPTY error Content script file name should not be empty
NO_MESSAGE error Translation string is missing the message
INVALID_MESSAGE_NAME error String name contains invalid characters
INVALID_PLACEHOLDER_NAME error Placeholder name contains invalid characters
NO_PLACEHOLDER_CONTENT error Placeholder is missing the content
JSON_INVALID error JSON is not well formed
JSON_DUPLICATE_KEY error Duplicate key in JSON
MANIFEST_VERSION_INVALID error manifest_version in manifest.json is not valid.
PROP_NAME_MISSING error name property missing from manifest.json
PROP_NAME_INVALID error name property is invalid in manifest.json
PROP_VERSION_MISSING error version property missing from manifest.json
PROP_VERSION_INVALID error version is invalid in manifest.json
MANIFEST_DICT_NOT_FOUND error A dictionary file defined in the manifest could not be found
MANIFEST_MULTIPLE_DICTS error Multiple dictionaries found
MANIFEST_EMPTY_DICTS error Empty dictionaries object
MANIFEST_DICT_MISSING_ID error Missing property for a dictionary
KEY_FIREFOX_UNSUPPORTED_BY_MIN_VERSION warning Manifest key not compatible with applications.gecko.strict_min_version
KEY_FIREFOX_ANDROID_UNSUPPORTED_BY_MIN_VERSION warning Manifest key not compatible with Firefox for Android at applications.gecko.strict_min_version
PERMISSION_FIREFOX_UNSUPPORTED_BY_MIN_VERSION notice Permission not compatible with applications.gecko.strict_min_version
PERMISSION_FIREFOX_ANDROID_UNSUPPORTED_BY_MIN_VERSION notice Permission not compatible with Firefox for Android at applications.gecko.strict_min_version

Static Theme / manifest.json

Message code Severity Description
MANIFEST_THEME_IMAGE_MIME_MISMATCH warning Theme image file extension should match its mime type
MANIFEST_THEME_IMAGE_NOT_FOUND error Theme images must not be missing
MANIFEST_THEME_IMAGE_CORRUPTED error Theme images must not be corrupted
MANIFEST_THEME_IMAGE_WRONG_EXT error Theme images must have one of the supported file extensions
MANIFEST_THEME_IMAGE_WRONG_MIME error Theme images mime type must be a supported format