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User-facing views related to document namespace firefox-launcher-process; see

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Historical Pings for firefox-launcher-process/launcher-process-failure


A historical view of pings sent for the firefox-launcher-process/launcher-process-failure document type.

This view is guaranteed to contain only complete days (per submission_timestamp) and to contain only one row per distinct document_id within a given date.

Clustering fields: normalized_channel, sample_id

Column Description Type Nullable
additional_properties A JSON string containing any payload properties not present in the schema String Yes
build_id Build ID of the failing binary String Yes
build_version Version of the failing binary String Yes
cpu_arch One of the values from the Windows SYSTEM_INFO::wProcessorArchitecture field Integer Yes
creation_date String Yes
document_id The document ID specified in the URI when the client sent this message String Yes
id String Yes
launcher_error The error that raised the launcher process failure Record Yes
memory Information about the host computer's memory configuration Record Yes
metadata Record Yes
normalized_app_name Set to "Other" if this message contained an unrecognized app name String Yes
normalized_channel Set to "Other" if this message contained an unrecognized channel name String Yes
normalized_country_code An ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code String Yes
normalized_os Set to "Other" if this message contained an unrecognized OS name String Yes
normalized_os_version String Yes
num_logical_cpus The number of logical CPUs on the host machine Integer Yes
os_locale The current user's OS locale setting String Yes
os_version Windows version numnber in format (UBR is optional, only available on Win10) String Yes
sample_id Hashed version of client_id (if present) useful for partitioning; ranges from 0 to 99 Integer Yes
security Information about the security applications registered with Windows on the host computer Record Yes
server_os True if this build was running atop a Windows Server OS Boolean Yes
signatures String No
submission_timestamp Time when the ingestion edge server accepted this message Timestamp Yes
type String Yes
update_channel Channel that this build was built for String Yes
version Float Yes
xpcom_abi This build's XPCOM_ABI string String Yes
is_admin_without_uac True if the process was launched with Administrator privileges but without User Account Control (= UAC) Boolean Yes
modules List of leaf names of all modules found in the launcher process at the time of failure Record No
process_type The type of the process which failed to start as a sandboxed process String Yes
Referenced Tables
Project Dataset Table
moz-fx-data-shared-prod firefox_launcher_process_stable launcher_process_failure_v1

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