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Internet Outages

Derived data useful for detecting regional internet outages, shared with some trusted external partners.


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Internet Outages


This contains a set aggregated metrics that correlate to internet outages for different countries in the world.

The dataset contains the following fields: - country: the Country code of the client. - city: the City name (only for cities with a population >= 15000, 'unknown' otherwise). - datetime: the date and the time (truncated to hour) the data was submitted by the client. - proportion_undefined: the proportion of users who failed to send telemetry for a reason that was not listed in the other cases. - proportion_timeout: the proportion of users that had their connection timeout while uploading telemetry (after 90s, in Firefox Desktop). - proportion_abort: the proportion of users that had their connection terminated by the client (for example, terminating open connections before shutting down). - proportion_unreachable: the proportion of users that failed to upload telemetry because the server was not reachable (e.g. because the host was not reachable, proxy problems or OS waking up after a suspension). - proportion_terminated: the proportion of users that had their connection terminated internally by the networking code. - proportion_channel_open: the proportion of users for which the upload request was terminated immediately, by the client, because of a Necko internal error. - avg_dns_success_time: the average time it takes for a successful DNS resolution, in milliseconds. - missing_dns_success: counts how many sessions did not report the DNS_LOOKUP_TIME histogram. - avg_dns_failure_time: the average time it takes for an unsuccessful DNS resolution, in milliseconds. - missing_dns_failure: counts how many sessions did not report the DNS_FAILED_LOOKUP_TIME histogram. - count_dns_failure: the average count of unsuccessful DNS resolutions reported. - ssl_error_prop: the proportion of users that reported an error through the SSL_CERT_VERIFICATION_ERRORS histogram. - avg_tls_handshake_time: the average time after the TCP SYN to ready for HTTP, in milliseconds.

Caveats with the data: As with any observational data, there are many caveats and interpretation must be done carefully. Below is a list of issues we have considered, but it is not exhaustive. - Firefox users are not representative of the general population in their region. - Users can experience multiple types of failures and so the proportions are not summable. For example, if 2.4% of clients had a timeout and 2.6% of clients had eUnreachable that doesn't necessarily mean that 5.0% of clients had a timeout or a eUnreachable - Geographical data is based on IPGeo databases. These databases are imperfect, so some activity may be attributed to the wrong location. Further, proxy and VPN usage can create geo-attribution errors.

Column Description Type Nullable
country String Yes
city String Yes
datetime Timestamp Yes
proportion_undefined Float Yes
proportion_timeout Float Yes
proportion_abort Float Yes
proportion_unreachable Float Yes
proportion_terminated Float Yes
proportion_channel_open Float Yes
avg_dns_success_time Float Yes
missing_dns_success Float Yes
avg_dns_failure_time Float Yes
missing_dns_failure Float Yes
count_dns_failure Float Yes
ssl_error_prop Float Yes
avg_tls_handshake_time Float Yes

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