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Historical Pings for mobile/activation


A historical view of pings sent for the mobile/activation document type.

This view is guaranteed to contain only complete days (per submission_timestamp) and to contain only one row per distinct document_id within a given date.

Clustering fields: normalized_channel, sample_id

Column Description Type Nullable
additional_properties A JSON string containing any payload properties not present in the schema String Yes
app_name String Yes
channel String Yes
client_id telemetry client_id, included only if identifer is empty String Yes
created String Yes
distribution_id String Yes
document_id The document ID specified in the URI when the client sent this message String Yes
identifier hashed version of Google ID String Yes
locale application locale, such as 'en-US' String Yes
manufacturer Build.MANUFACTURER String Yes
metadata Record Yes
model Build.MODEL String Yes
normalized_app_name Set to "Other" if this message contained an unrecognized app name String Yes
normalized_channel Set to "Other" if this message contained an unrecognized channel name String Yes
normalized_country_code An ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code String Yes
normalized_os Set to "Other" if this message contained an unrecognized OS name String Yes
normalized_os_version String Yes
os String Yes
osversion String Yes
profile_date Integer Yes
sample_id Hashed version of client_id (if present) useful for partitioning; ranges from 0 to 99 Integer Yes
submission_timestamp Time when the ingestion edge server accepted this message Timestamp Yes
tz timezone offset in minutes from UTC Integer Yes
Referenced Tables
Project Dataset Table
moz-fx-data-shared-prod mobile_stable activation_v1

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