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Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

When planning scheduled maintenance that will result in downtime for Firefox Accounts you must follow these procedures to notify users. Activities that can cause downtime include:

  • MySQL changes requiring failover
  • Redis changes requiring failover

Scheduling Procedure

  1. Pick a time to perform the scheduled maintenance. Based on historical traffic patterns, Saturday at 11PM ET is a good default choice. Think about how long you'll need to apply changes. 30 minutes is a good default choice, but ensure that gives you wiggle room if it takes longer than expected.
  2. Announce the scheduled maintenance in the Firefox Accounts + Operations meeting on Tuesday. Talk through what change is being made, rollback procedures, impact on users, that sort of thing
  3. Draft a notice containing:
  • The time (include a link to for easier timezones)
  • The change being made
  • Impact on users
  • Example:

    On 2021-04-24 at 11pm ET (this Saturday) we will be upgrading the Firefox Accounts oauth database to a larger instance size. End users will not be able to sign in or make new subscriptions for 5-10 minutes.

  1. Send the notice to
  2. Send the notice to Slack channels:
  • #fxa
  • #subscription-platform
  1. Set maintenance window for Kinto Webextensions so Sven doesn't get paged

Downtime Procedure Notes

  • Take a snapshot if you're making changes to MySQL or Redis
  • Re-up your scheduled maintenance notice in Slack before maintenance begins
  • Send a Slack message when scheduled maintenance has been completed