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Creating an account helps keep you and the internet safe. Mozilla’s goal is to empower people across their connected lives. By getting our friends and family to join Firefox, they get ways to share files securely, keep their passwords safe, sync their browser across devices, and test new products, and keep their data safe. Tell them about accounts capabilities and contribute to our goal of 5000 new Firefox Accounts.

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Before the end of the year we want to create 5,000 new Firefox relationships with people who sign-up for an account for the first time. Share this link and everytime a new account is created it’ll move the thermometer closer and closer to success!

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We’ve put together a number of tweets, images, and videos you can share with your networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. Make sure you always include this link. Feel free to remix and make your own. Get sharing!

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  • Celebrate with us

    You can gather with your local Mozillians and hold a Firefox party in your city. Host a MozCoffee and discuss with your community about Firefox capabilities. Just remember to keep your receipts, and look for a local Resources Rep that can submit a budget for you. You can expense up to 50 USD following these guidelines.

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    Take your stand against an industry that’s making you the product.

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