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Documenting our Output


The Browser Architecture team needs to publish its findings clearly. We would like anyone in Mozilla to be able to:

The solution should:


Browser Architecture team will document its output like this:

  1. The discussion phase involves conversations in the browser-arch Google Group, IRC channel, Slack channel, etc - when a semi-permanent record of current thinking is needed, we use GDocs, stored in the Browser Architecture folder.
  2. When we’ve come to some internal consensus (note this doesn’t mean that the proposal is final) we convert our GDocs to Markdown/Git to create an ‘RFC’ and get feedback from management and the wider Mozilla developer community as appropriate.
  3. As there are updates we keep the Markdown up to date
  4. We may publish to a wider audience using a blog post or GitBook as required

Drawbacks / Unresolved Questions

It is possible that GDocs has such a low update friction that people will resent the PR process imposed by Github. If this turns out to be true then we will need to update this process.

This process is somewhat modelled on the Rust RFC process. It isn’t certain that we need the numeric prefix.


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