Glean Parser

Parser tools for Mozilla’s Glean telemetry.


Parses the metrics.yaml files for the Glean telemetry SDK and produces output for various integrations.


The full documentation is available here.


  • Python 3.6 (or later)

The following library requirements are installed automatically when glean_parser is installed by pip.

  • appdirs

  • Click

  • diskcache

  • Jinja2

  • jsonschema

  • PyYAML

Additionally on Python 3.6:

  • iso8601


$ glean_parser --help

Read in metrics.yaml, translate to kotlin format, and output to output_dir:

$ glean_parser translate -o output_dir -f kotlin metrics.yaml

Check a Glean ping against the ping schema:

$ glean_parser check < ping.json