At the Sprint, you’ll use GitHub to discover projects and tasks to work on at the Sprint, and to discuss your work with Project Leads. In GitHub, the issues tab is where you find information about work underway in that repo (the project’s collection of code and content).

You’ve seen that in the main Global Sprint repo, we’re using the issues tab to track projects. In a project-specific repo, the issues tab will track discussions and tasks for that project– like, “help design a logo” or “debug search function.” That’s where you’ll find your Sprint tasks. In 2018 we’re encouraging project leads to tag their issues with skills, like “game design” so you can see and search for tasks that match your skills.

issues in project repo

Once you’ve picked a project to work on, get in touch with the Project Lead to say hello and let them know you’d like to help. You’ll do this via GitHub, but first you’ll need a free GitHub account to reply or comment on issues.

This short video walks you through the basics of getting your account set up, finding a project and a task, and communicating with the project lead using GitHub issues.

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