To get started, find a project! There’s a “featured” project list on Mozilla Pulse. Featured projects have gone the extra mile to be contributor-friendly, so this is a great place to start. So, for example, if you want to work on the “Teen Driven inquiry and working in the open” project, click on the blue bar “VISIT” bar in Pulse to go to the project-specific info, on a website or gitHub repository.

pulse listing

As you click through from a pulse listing to project sites, you may get your first glimpse of the code/content sharing and collaboration tool GitHub. GitHub may not be pretty, but it’s easy to use– if you’ve ever clicked around on a website and left comments on a blog post or youtube video, you can use GitHub for the Sprint.

Tip! Each individual Sprint project (and the Sprint as a whole) has a repository or “repo” on GitHub. A repository is a public collection of files– stuff like code, content, and discussions for collaboration. In any repo, look for a file called “” that explains what the project is about.

repo with README

In addition to featured projects on Pulse, there’s a full list of 2018 projects in the “issues tab” of our main Global Sprint repository. Each issue represents a project in the Global Sprint. You can click from these issues to that individual project’s repository to learn more. Alternatively, you can search for “mozsprint” on Mozilla Pulse.

main Sprint Repo

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