Mozilla Pulse is a listing of lots of cool projects, news, events and people from around the movement for a healthy internet.

Global Sprint projects that have made an extra effort to be contributor-friendly are listed on Mozilla Pulse; these Pulse entries also show up on the main Global Sprint website. Cool! Getting your project on Pulse means more visibility for work, and potentially more contributors at the Sprint.

To be featured, you need to fill out the FEATURED PROJECT items in your project checklist issue in the main sprint repo. Then, fill out the Mozilla Pulse submission form. DO NOT FILL OUT THE SUBMISSION FORM UNTIL YOU’VE COMPLETED YOUR CHECKLIST!

The following information must be included in any Pulse listing– ensure that this information is complete! Otherwise your submission may be rejected, and you’ll have to re-submit. This is a highly visible listing on Mozilla’s website(s), so be sure your spelling and grammar are correct– no typos please! Keep your text concise and clear.

  • Title Use the title of the project
  • URL If the project has a landing page, it goes here. Otherwise, link to the README in your project repo– this will send curious potential contributors straight to the information they need about the project.
  • Description A clear and concise description of the project
  • Creator(s) Project lead name(s)
  • Why might this be interesting to other people in our network? This field is important– it will help contributors see the value of your work, why they should get involved, and where they fit in!
  • Key Internet Issues OK to add multiple issue tags.
  • Tags mozsprint and 2018 are required! We use these tags to pull entries into the Global Sprint main page!
  • Project Image Images are important! Pulse is a very visual platform, so an eye-catching image will help your project stand out
  • Looking for support?… In the text box, list specific ways people can help, like “logo design” or “javascript coding.” Also select the top three asks for help from the list provided in the form.
  • Link for people to get involved. -link to the Contributor Guidelines in the project’s repository.

Submission form:

Once you have submitted your Pulse listing, tag your Project Coach in the issue saying “This is ready to be featured on Mozilla Pulse” If you’ve followed the steps above carefully, your Coach will approve your submission. Your Project is now FEATURED on network pulse— YAY!

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