Welcome! We’re pleased you’re considering hosting a Sprint site.

Sprint sites are pop-up collaborative spaces; while lots of collaboration happens online, face-to-face interactions generate much of energy and excitement during the event. Hosting a site is an amazing opportunity to make new connections, build community, and have fun. Click here to Register your site.

As a site host you’ll

  • Identify and reserve a public space with internet access for May 10-11
  • Help publicize the sprint in your local community, with support from Mozilla
  • Be on-site during your opening hours throughout the Sprint, to welcome participants and help connect them with projects to work on
  • Ensure that the Sprint environment is friendly, safe, and productive for all participants
  • During the sprint, serve as point of contact to connect your Sprite site via video conference to our network of Sprint sites
  • Help collect data about Sprint activity at your site (number of participants, etc)

Want to know more about what it’s like to host? Check out this 2017 success story from Arliss, site host in Canada.

Space Requirements

Your space should be a public, community space– at a library, school or university, makerspace, community center, etc. Your space must have:

  • good WiFi or some way of connecting to the Internet
  • tables and chairs where Sprinters can work
  • power outlets so those with laptop computers can plug in
  • designated computer with video screen for video conferencing (OPTIONAL/PREFERRED)
  • refreshments such snacks, coffee or tea, and water (OPTIONAL)

The sprint is a 48 hour event, but we certainly don’t expect you to be open the entire time! You should be on-site the entire time your site is open– usually this is from 9-5 local time, during both days of the Sprint. If you need to be open for different or limited hours, be sure to advertise your particular hours.

Understanding the Sprint Experience

If you’re a first-time sprinter who’d like to host a site, be sure you read and understand the Participant Guide. Part of your job as host is to help participants begin their Sprint experience– get them up and running, introduce them to other sprinters, and answer any questions. The Guide will help you know what to expect and how to assist them.

Publicizing Your Site

Once you register, the Global Sprint team will set up a page for you on the event platform Ti.to, and send you information on how to use that platform to register and communicate with Sprinters. It’s up to you to spread the word about your site– let your community know, using the channels that work best where you are. You might advertise the event via email, social media, flyers, or announcements on listservs, forums, and online groups. Whatever works for you! Advertise early and often.

Global Sprint Swag

We will provide swag (stickers) to the first 75 sites registered! Swag will be sent via post to you in the weeks before the Sprint. We will not mail swag after April 10. While we do our best to get swag to you, we cannot guarantee its arrival. We are at the mercy of the postal service, and international mail can be slow. You are welcome to print your own stickers, or create your own Global Sprint swag!

Participation Guidelines

As site host, you’re responsible for creating a welcoming, friendly, safe environment for everyone. Please read and be sure you agree with Mozilla’s Community Participation Guidelines, and are willing to enforce them at your site. Prior to hosting please watch one of the required online trainings on the Participation Guidelines. They are recorded, and viewable at the links below. You only need to view ONE of the trainings. Sign into the etherpad and answer questions there so we know you’ve completed this important requirement.

Please note, any participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Generally, you should greet everyone who comes to your site, and take the time to find out a little bit about them– their skills and interest. Try to introduce them to other Sprinters, and help them find projects (if they don’t already have one).

As site host, you’ll get periodic emails from the Global Sprint team with instructions and reminders about the event. Keep an eye out for these messages, and a handy Site Hosting Schedule, coming soon!

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