Space Requirements

Ideally your space is a community space– at a library, school or university, maker-space, community center, etc. The space must have …

  • good WiFi or some way of connecting to the Internet
  • power outlets
  • designated computer with video screen for video conferencing (if possible)
  • (OPTIONAL) Refreshments such snacks, coffee or tea, and water.

What to do two weeks before the Sprint

What to do one week before the Sprint

  • Email participants through with directions to the location and any additional logistics requirements. When you registered your site, you should have received a log-in with instructions for managing your event. If you don’t have this, let us know via the Global Sprint Gitter Chat.
  • If you do not have computers in the space, remember to encourage participants to bring their own laptops (if available)
  • Test Vidyo Conferencing using the schedule here.
  • Post, tweet, and/or blog about the event about the event! (include registration link for your site registration page if you still have spaces available). Again, you can use our pre-written posts.
  • Send a last round of email invitations and reminders

What to do the day before the Sprint

  • If possible, print off list of participants from your registration site, so you know who to expect and can check people in as they arrive
  • Print signage: posters, Participation Guidelines, name tags as needed to bring to the Site (see links to printable materials above).
  • Test network access - confirm WiFi name and password for your site
  • (OPTIONAL) Check in with food suppliers, if providing

What to do the morning of the Sprint

  • Put up signage (see links to printable materials above)
  • Get connected on the Global Sprint etherpad
  • Post Wi-Fi network information in the space
  • As they arrive, check-in participants via registration site, or on printed out list to transfer to later.
  • Greet participants as they arrive, make sure they feel welcome! Show them around
  • Make introductions among all participants
  • Help participants get set up on Wi-Fi, direct them to the Gitter Chat
  • Be sure to point out your Participation Guidelines / Code of Conduct and ask them to review it.
  • Ask participants to sign a Photo Release form (if needed)

What to do during the Sprint

  • As new people arrive help set them up on wi-fi, point them to projects they may be interested in and get them connected to the Global Sprint etherpad
  • Make connections and introductions between Sprinters who may have similar interests
  • Be available to answer any questions that come up about the site (wi-fi, restrooms, food options nearby, etc)
  • (OPTIONAL) If you are providing refreshments, such as coffee/tea or snacks, put out fresh drinks or snacks periodically
  • Tweet or post about the Sprint at your site as it happens! Let everyone know what’s going on!
  • If you are connected to our Vidyo room, check in during the Check-in/Demo session in your time Zone to share projects and progress. See the schedule on the Global Sprint etherpad

What to do at the end of the Sprint

  • Thank all participants for coming
  • Encourage participants to complete the post-sprint survey (coming soon!)

How to follow up after the Sprint

  • Create a blog post about the event at your site. Share what projects you worked on, who was there, what you accomplished, and any event highlights.
  • Tweet or post a link to your blog post with the #mozsprint hashtag.

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