Submit (Deprecated)


Please use the Geosubmit Version 2 API instead.

Submit data about nearby cell and WiFi networks.


Submit requests are submitted using a POST request to the following URL:<API_KEY>

with a JSON body:

{"items": [
    "lat": -22.7539192,
    "lon": -43.4371081,
    "time": "2012-03-01T00:00:00.000Z",
    "accuracy": 10.0,
    "altitude": 100.0,
    "altitude_accuracy": 1.0,
    "heading": 45.0,
    "speed": 13.88,
    "radio": "gsm",
    "blue": [
            "key": "ff:74:27:89:5a:77",
            "age": 2000,
            "name": "beacon",
            "signal": -110
    "cell": [
            "radio": "umts",
            "mcc": 123,
            "mnc": 123,
            "lac": 12345,
            "cid": 12345,
            "age": 3000,
            "signal": -60
    "wifi": [
            "key": "01:23:45:67:89:ab",
            "age": 2000,
            "channel": 11,
            "frequency": 2412,
            "signal": -51

Field Definition

The record fields have the same meaning and requirements as explained in the Search (Deprecated).

The only required fields are lat and lon and at least one Bluetooth, cell or WiFi entry. If neither lat nor lon are included, the record will be discarded.

The altitude, accuracy and altitude_accuracy fields are all measured in meters. Altitude measures the height above or below the mean sea level, as defined by WGS84.

The heading field specifies the direction of travel in 0 <= heading <= 360 degrees, counting clockwise relative to the true north.

The speed field specifies the current horizontal velocity and is measured in meters per second.

The heading and speed fields should be omitted from the report, if the speed and heading cannot be determined or the device was stationary while observing the environment.

The time has to be in UTC time, encoded in ISO 8601. If not provided, the server time will be used.


On successful submission, you will get a 204 status code back without any data in the body.