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This new release of mozregression includes some new features:

And a few bugfixes also:

Thanks to Mikeling for being really active on some bugs here!

There is also a basic support for firefox os builds (flame, aries, simulator). Lots of work still needs to be done to make it really useful, (see bug 1205560) but it is now possible to bisect between dates or changesets on a given branch: mozregression will download the builds and ask you to flash it on the device.

# Regression finding by date range with aries-opt builds (defaults to b2g-inbound)
mozregression --app b2g-aries --bad 2015-09-10 --good 2015-09-07
# Regression finding on mozilla-inbound for debug builds
mozregression --app b2g-aries --build-type debug --bad 2015-09-10 --good 2015-09-07 \
              --inbound-branch mozilla-inbound
# Flame builds with a good and bad revision
mozregression --app b2g-flame --bad-rev c4bf8c0c2044 --good-rev b93dd434b3cd
# find more information
mozregression --help
mozregression --list-build-types

Thanks to Michael Shal, Naoki Hirata and others for helping me on this.