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Unless explicitly disabled, mozregression will send a telemetry “ping” (a small JSON-document) to Mozilla’s servers on each use (command-line invocation in the case of console mozregression, each bisection or single run in the case of the GUI).

This ping does not contain any personally identifiable information and is intentionally limited to what we need to understand the basics of how mozregression is being used (for example, understanding which applications are being bisected). For an up-to-date list of what is being collected, please see mozregression in the Glean Dictionary.

The purpose of this data gathering is only to improve mozregression itself by understanding the scope of its environment and usage, and will not be broadly shared except in aggregated form. Although not a consumer product, mozregression strives to follow Mozilla’s general guidelines on lean data practices and is subject to our privacy policy.

How to disable

We encourage you to leave Telemetry enabled – if we know that people are getting value out of mozregression, it provides an incentive to make it better! That said, disabling mozregression is easy. In the command-line variant, you can set enable-telemetry to no inside your configuration file. In the GUI version, simply untick the box “Enable Telemetry” in the preferences dialog (after clicking “Show Advanced Options”).