Popcorn.js Documentation

API Reference

  • Getting Started

    First time using Popcorn.js? Take a look here
  • Addon Development

    Interested in developing a new plugin, player, or other feature for Popcorn.js?
  • Popcorn Constructor

    Information on the Popcorn constructor, its options, and how to use it
  • Popcorn Methods

    Methods for adding, removing and updating track events
  • Media Methods

    Various methods that alter the functionality of the current media
  • Media Properties

    Properties that are available to every Popcorn instance
  • Utility Methods

    Methods available from the global Popcorn object
  • Events

    Information on Popcorn's event system
  • Plugins

    Add additional functionality to your page with various custom plugins
  • Media Wrappers

    Additional audio and video media wrappers to be used with Popcorn.js
  • Players

    Additional audio and video players to be used with Popcorn.js
  • Parsers

    Parsers to handle various forms of data, such as subtitle, JSON, and XML
  • Modules

    Additional functionality added to the Popcorn.js core
  • Effects

    Transitions and visual effects composed on a track events start and end