Mozilla Hispano Work Week 2013


Category Code Contributions, Creative, Developer Documentation, Firefox Mobile, Firefox OS, Labs, Localization, Marketing, Market Insights, People, Public Relations, Quality Assurance, Recruiting, User Engagement, User Support (SUMO)


Hashtag mhworkweek

Description Mozilla Hispano Work Week is a three days work sessions to gather active contributors working on the future of the community.

Venue Casa Andina Private Collection Miraflores (Lima, Perú)

City Miraflores, Lima

Area Lima

Country or Region Peru


  • Improve the integration between the members of the Spanish-speaking community and Latin American volunteers of Mozilla.
  • Execute tasks and activities concerning different areas of Mozilla Hispano and contributions to Mozilla.
  • To plan and organize the direction of the community.
  • Organize/Plan P1 activities for 2013.
  • Review current Mozilla Hispano projects and look how to improve them, or re-asign them if needed in order for those projects move forward.
  • Current MH Mentoring system is overwhelmed by the swarming of new volunteers thanks to the new localized contribute page, we need to find a way to efficiently handle all this with the current mentors.
  • Coordinate key people organising events in Spain and LATAM under the Mozilla Hispano umbrella and central organization.