Tanner Filip

Tanner Filip


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 29 November 2011 to 11 January 2016

I'm a student at the University of Northern Iowa, studying either political or computer science (or maybe both?). I'm interested in various things relating to computers, FOSS, Linux, etc. Lately, I've been working mostly with Community Ops; I am the peer for Discourse, WordPress, and Infrastructure (I think). Outside Mozilla, I'm involved in various progressive (read: liberal) groups on campus. I don't really do much else, honestly.

Past Events
Event Date Role
SCALE 13x 19 Feb 2015 Mozilla's presence organizer
North America Reps Meetup - Early 2014 05 Apr 2014 Alumni attendee
Reddit IAmA 2 29 Oct 2013 Mozilla's presence organizer
Southern California Linux Expo 22 Feb 2013 Alumni attendee
Reddit IAmA 24 Oct 2012 Organizer

Location   Cedar Falls - Iowa - United States

Timezone   America/Chicago

Gender  Male

Twitter handle   @tannerfilip

Facebook profile  https://facebook.com/tannerfilip

Matrix nickname  tanner

Matrix channels  #sumo, #remo, #lizardlounge, #communityit

Personal Site  http://tannerfilip.me/

Feed for Reps Planet  http://tannerfilip.me/rss/