Mozilla Specification Positions

This is now a pilot of a process for Mozilla to decide and document what it thinks about emerging technical specifications for the Web (see below). We are currently trying this process on a small number of specifications, so we can see how it works and make adjustments as needed before putting it in wider use.

This page tracks Mozilla's positions on open Web and Web-related specifications submitted to standards bodies like the IETF, W3C, and Ecma TC39.

Please remember, this isn't a commitment to implement or participate; it's just what we think right now. See Firefox Platform Status to find out what we're implementing.

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The possible positions are:

Mozilla's position on this specification is being discussed.
This specification is conceptually good and is important to Mozilla.
Mozilla sees this specification as conceptually good, and worth prototyping, getting feedback on its value, and iterating.
Mozilla does not see this specification as harmful, but is not convinced that it is a good approach or worth working on.
Mozilla does not intend to look at this specification at all in the near future.
Mozilla considers this specification to be harmful in its current state.