Mozilla Bug Triage

Update 2020-05-04: the queries on this tool have been updated for the changes to Firefox bug triage.

Let's say you are in charge of triaging some set of components at How do you do that? We'll have some purpose-built triage tools later, but for now you can use this tool to build triage queries to let you effectively triage your components.

For more information about the purpose and process of triage, see our page on the Mozilla wiki.

This code lives at Github in the triage-center project. Pull requests welcome.

Select Component(s)

Component Description

Attention Needed

Triage decision needed

NEEDINFO > 14 days

Requests > 5 days

Regressions that need a decision for next release

Regressions without status flags

Blocker (S1) defects w/o assignee and no pending NEEDINFO

Critical (S2) defects w/o assignee and no pending NEEDINFO