Product Integrity

Triage Status of Bugs in Firefox Components

Open bugs filed since June 1st, 2016 without outstanding needinfo requests, and not filed by the intermittent test failure tools (links are to corresponding Bugzilla buglists.) Darker reds in `Untriaged` column indicate higher risk of blocking bugs (assuming 1 blocker per 50 bugs.)

Top components by untriaged bugs
Product: Component Untriaged
Distribution of bugs by triage status
Product: Component Untriaged: '--' Now: P1 Next: P2 Backlog: P3 N/A: P4 Take Patch: P5 Total
Distribution of untriaged bugs by month filed
Product: Component Untrigaged History (untriaged by month) Average Age of Untriaged Bugs (months)

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Public bugs only (logged in Bugzilla users may see more bugs when clicking through to bug lists)
Requires ES6 arrow functions, template strings, and fetch
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