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  • Types that can cross the FFI boundary.
  • Pack UniFFI interface metadata into byte arrays





  • The method index used by the Drop trait to communicate to the foreign language side that Rust has finished with it, and it can be deleted from the handle map.



Type Definitions

  • ForeignCallback is the Rust representation of a foreign language function. It is the basis for all callbacks interfaces. It is registered exactly once per callback interface, at library start up time. Calling this method is only done by generated objects which mirror callback interfaces objects in the foreign language.
  • Callback to schedule a Rust call with a ForeignExecutor. The bindings code registers exactly one of these with the Rust code.
  • Result<T, Error>
  • Foreign callback that’s passed to rust_future_poll
  • Callback for a Rust task, this is what the foreign executor invokes

Attribute Macros

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