Navigating the code

The code for UniFFI is organized into the following crates:

  • ./uniffi_bindgen: This is the source for the uniffi-bindgen executable and is where most of the logic for the UniFFI tool lives. Its contents include:
  • ./uniffi: This is a run-time support crate that is used by the generated Rust scaffolding. It controls how values of various types are passed back-and-forth over the FFI layer, by means of the FfiConverter trait.
  • ./uniffi_build: This is a small hook to run uniffi-bindgen from the script of a UniFFI component, in order to automatically generate the Rust scaffolding as part of its build process.
  • ./uniffi_macros: This contains some helper macros that UniFFI components can use to simplify loading the generated scaffolding, and executing foreign-language tests.
  • ./examples: This contains code examples that you can use to explore the code generation process.