Women & Web Literacy

Working towards an open, safe and inclusive web for women everywhere

What We Do

Mozilla’s Women and Web Literacy Program is a community of allies, executives and young leaders who are actively advancing the principles of the open Internet by:

  • Supporting women in technology
  • Increasing web literacy
  • Supporting gender equality and inclusion online

Mozilla strives to build and support an equitable and inclusive online world for everyone. To do this, we want to challenge the existing gender imbalance that exists and create an online space where we can reach gender equality at scale.

We want to help shift the default to one where women have a strong, equitable role in reading, writing and participating on the web—and, ultimately, help lead the next wave of openness, innovation and opportunity online.

Mozilla Clubs for Women and Girls

Based on the success of the existing Mozilla Clubs program, Mozilla partnered with UN Women in 2016 to launch Mozilla Clubs for Women and Girls. The program was piloted in Cape Town and Nairobi where hundreds of people of all ages now meet regularly in local community spaces and schools to learn how to read, write and participate on the web in inclusive and engaging ways. There are over 30 Mozilla Clubs for Women and Girls worldwide.

Through Mozilla clubs I aim to help end the gender technology gap and empower women and girls to create innovative solutions to advance equality in their communities.

– Baratang Miya, Mozilla Clubs Regional Coordinator

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Mozilla Clubs are regular, in-person gatherings of individuals working to create an open, accessible and equal web.

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More of our Work


Diversity and Inclusion across Mozilla

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UN Women: Women breaking barriers and optimizing opportunities in a digital world

Read this article from UN Women covering programs they are working with that are breaking barriers for women around the word, including Mozilla Clubs for Women and Girls.

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Mozilla is proud to be working with a range of organizations who are collaborating to increase Web Literacy amongst women around the world. Visit their sites to see how they are supporting women across the globe.

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