These APIs are not frozen and can change at any time without warning. See the API versions available for alternatives if you need stability.

Discovery Content

This endpoint allows you to fetch content for the new Discovery Pane in Firefox (about:addons).


If a telemetry client id is passed as a parameter to the discovery pane api endpoint then static curated content is amended with recommendations from the recommendation service. The same number of results will be returned as a standard discovery response and only extensions (not themes) are recommended. Only valid, publicly available addons are shown.

E.g. a standard discovery pane will display 7 items, 4 extensions and 3 themes. Up to 4 extensions will be replaced with recommendations; the 3 themes will not be replaced. The API will still return a total of 7 items.

GET /api/v5/discovery/
Query Parameters:
  • lang (string) – Activate translations in the specific language for that query. (See translated fields)

  • edition (string) – Optionally return content for a specific edition of Firefox. Currently only china (and the alias MozillaOnline) is supported.

  • telemetry-client-id (string) – Optional sha256 hash of the telemetry client ID to be passed to the TAAR service to enable recommendations. Must be the hex value of a sha256 hash, otherwise it will be ignored.

Response JSON Object:
  • count (int) – The number of results for this query.

  • results (array) – The array containing the results for this query.

  • results[].description_text (object|null) – The description for this item, if any. (See translated fields. Note: when lang is not specified, not all locales will be returned, unlike other translated fields).

  • results[].is_recommendation (boolean) – If this item was from the recommendation service, rather than static curated content.

  • results[].addon (object) – The add-on for this item. Only a subset of fields are present: id, authors, average_daily_users, current_version (with only the id, compatibility, is_strict_compatibility_enabled and file fields present), guid, icon_url, name, ratings, previews, slug, theme_data, type and url.

Editorial Content

This endpoint allows you to fetch all editorial content for Discovery Pane Recommendations. This is used internally to generate .po files containing the strings defined by the content team. It is also used by TAAR service to obtain a list of appropriate add-ons to recommended.

GET /api/v5/discovery/editorial/
Query Parameters:
  • recommended (boolean) – Filter to only add-ons recommended by Mozilla. Only recommended=true is supported.

Response JSON Object:
  • results (array) – The array containing the results for this query. There is no pagination, all results are returned.

  • results[].addon (object) – A add-on object for this item, but only containing one field: guid.

  • results[].custom_description (string|null) – The custom description for this item, if any.