Intermediate Web Literacy I | CSS Building Blocks

Made by Mozilla, released under the CC-BY-SA license

60 minutes

You will position and style boxes on a webpage using CSS while learning how to code, compose, design.

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Web Literacy Skills

21st Century Skills

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and be able to explain the connection between an HTML webpage and a CSS stylesheet.
  • Use CSS to change the color, display, and position of div elements on an HTML webpage.


  • 13+
  • Intermediate web users


  • Toy blocks
  • Internet-connected computers
  • Markers
  • Graph paper
  • Pecils and pens

IMLS Pilots: Earning Badges

For those participating in the IMLS pilot, below are specific steps and evidence needed to apply for web literacy skill badges. If you successfully complete all the tasks in this lesson plan, and submit evidence required, you will earn web literacy and 21C skills badges listed above. Please go here to earn badges.