Internet Health Basics | Web Literacy Activity

CC-BY-SA by Mozilla

Update: Mozilla has officially discontinued X-Ray Goggles. If you want to continue using a similar tool, check out this similar tool created by our friends at

"On December 16, 2019, Mozilla wound down Thimble. If you are looking to learn about the web with tools like Thimble, we encourage you to check out Glitch (

For X-Ray Goggles, the message is: "On December 16, 2019, Mozilla wound down X-Ray Goggles. If you are looking for similar tools, join our friends at the Mouse Learning Network for free and check out their awesome Coding course ("

60 minutes

Explore what it means to read, write, and participate on the web by learning how the Internet and webpages work, learning skills like code, connect, navigate, remix, and synthesize.

Web Literacy Skills

21st Century Skills

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and explain how the Internet works.
  • Understand and explain how HTML uses tags to build webpages.
  • Remix web content using Mozilla’s Web X-Ray Goggles.


  • 13+
  • Beginner web users