Class Autocomplete.LoginEntry

Enclosing class:

public static class Autocomplete.LoginEntry extends Object
Holds login information for a specific entry.
  • Field Details

    • guid

      @Nullable public final String guid
      The unique identifier for this login entry.
    • origin

      @NonNull public final String origin
      The origin this login entry applies to.
    • formActionOrigin

      @Nullable public final String formActionOrigin
      The origin this login entry was submitted to. This only applies to form-based login entries. It's derived from the action attribute set on the form element.
    • httpRealm

      @Nullable public final String httpRealm
      The HTTP realm this login entry was requested for. This only applies to non-form-based login entries. It's derived from the WWW-Authenticate header set in a HTTP 401 response, see RFC2617 for details.
    • username

      @NonNull public final String username
      The username for this login entry.
    • password

      @NonNull public final String password
      The password for this login entry.
  • Constructor Details

    • LoginEntry

      @AnyThread protected LoginEntry()
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