Package org.mozilla.geckoview

package org.mozilla.geckoview
This package contains the public interfaces for the library.
  • GeckoRuntime is the entry point for starting and initializing Gecko. You can use this to preload Gecko before you need to load a page or to configure features such as crash reporting.
  • GeckoSession is where most interesting work happens, such as loading pages. It relies on GeckoRuntime to talk to Gecko.
  • GeckoView is the embeddable View. This is the most common way of getting a GeckoSession onto the screen.


This library does not request any dangerous permissions in the manifest, though it's possible that some web features may require them. For instance, WebRTC video calls would need the Manifest.permission.CAMERA and Manifest.permission.RECORD_AUDIO permissions. Declaring these are at the application's discretion. If you want full web functionality, the following permissions should be declared:

For a detailed change log of the API see: CHANGELOG.