Class PanZoomController.InputResultDetail

Enclosing class:

public static class PanZoomController.InputResultDetail extends Object
Represents how a MotionEvent was handled in Gecko. This value can be used by browser apps to implement features like pull-to-refresh. Failing to account this value might break some websites expectations about touch events.

For example, a handledResult() value of PanZoomController.INPUT_RESULT_HANDLED and overscrollDirections() of PanZoomController.OVERSCROLL_FLAG_NONE indicates that the event was consumed for a panning or zooming operation and that the website does not expect the browser to react to the touch event (say, by triggering the pull-to-refresh feature) even though the scroll container reached to the edge.

  • Constructor Details

    • InputResultDetail

      protected InputResultDetail(int handledResult, int scrollableDirections, int overscrollDirections)
  • Method Details

    • handledResult

      @AnyThread public int handledResult()
      One of the INPUT_RESULT_* indicating how the event was handled.
    • scrollableDirections

      @AnyThread public int scrollableDirections()
      an OR-ed value of SCROLLABLE_FLAG_* indicating which directions can be scrollable.
    • overscrollDirections

      @AnyThread public int overscrollDirections()
      an OR-ed value of OVERSCROLL_FLAG_* indicating which directions can be over-scrollable.