Class GeckoSession.SelectionActionDelegate.Selection

Enclosing interface:

public static class GeckoSession.SelectionActionDelegate.Selection extends Object
Represents attributes of a selection.
  • Field Details

    • flags

      public final int flags
      Flags describing the current selection, as a bitwise combination of the FLAG_* constants.
    • text

      @NonNull public final String text
      Text content of the current selection. An empty string indicates the selection is collapsed or the selection cannot be represented as plain text.
    • screenRect

      @Nullable public final RectF screenRect
      The bounds of the current selection in screen coordinates.
    • availableActions

      @NonNull public final Collection<String> availableActions
      Set of valid actions available through execute(String)
  • Constructor Details

    • Selection

      protected Selection()
      Empty constructor for tests.
  • Method Details