Class WebExtension.CreateTabDetails

Enclosing class:

public static class WebExtension.CreateTabDetails extends Object
Provides details about creating a tab with tabs.create. See also: WebExtensions/API/tabs/create .

Whenever a field is not passed in by the extension that value will be null.

  • Field Details

    • active

      @Nullable public final Boolean active
      Whether the tab should become active. If true, non-active highlighted tabs should stop being highlighted. If false, does nothing.
    • cookieStoreId

      @Nullable public final String cookieStoreId
      The CookieStoreId used for the tab. This option is only available if the extension has the "cookies" permission.
    • discarded

      @Nullable public final Boolean discarded
      Whether the tab is created and made visible in the tab bar without any content loaded into memory, a state known as discarded. The tab’s content should be loaded when the tab is activated.
    • index

      @Nullable public final Integer index
      The position the tab should take in the window.
    • openInReaderMode

      @Nullable public final Boolean openInReaderMode
      If true, open this tab in Reader Mode.
    • pinned

      @Nullable public final Boolean pinned
      Whether the tab should be pinned.
    • url

      @Nullable public final String url
      The url that the tab will be navigated to. This url is provided just for informational purposes, there is no need to load the URL manually. The corresponding GeckoSession will be navigated to the right URL after returning GeckoResult.ALLOW from WebExtension.TabDelegate.onNewTab(org.mozilla.geckoview.WebExtension, org.mozilla.geckoview.WebExtension.CreateTabDetails)
  • Constructor Details

    • CreateTabDetails

      protected CreateTabDetails()
      For testing.