Class MediaSession.Metadata

Enclosing class:

public static class MediaSession.Metadata extends Object
The representation of a media session's metadata.
  • Field Details

    • title

      @Nullable public final String title
      The media title. May be backfilled based on the document's title. May be null or empty.
    • artist

      @Nullable public final String artist
      The media artist name. May be null or empty.
    • album

      @Nullable public final String album
      The media album title. May be null or empty.
    • artwork

      @Nullable public final Image artwork
      The media artwork image. May be null.
  • Constructor Details

    • Metadata

      protected Metadata(@Nullable String title, @Nullable String artist, @Nullable String album, @Nullable Image artwork)
      Metadata constructor.
      title - The media title string.
      artist - The media artist string.
      album - The media album string.
      artwork - The media artwork Image.
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