Class Autocomplete.SelectOption.Hint

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public static class Autocomplete.SelectOption.Hint extends Object
Hint types for selection requests.
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    • NONE

      public static final int NONE
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      public static final int GENERATED
      Auto-generated password. A new password-only login entry containing a secure generated password.
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      public static final int INSECURE_FORM
      Insecure context. The form or transmission mechanics are considered insecure. This is the case when the form is served via http or submitted insecurely.
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      public static final int DUPLICATE_USERNAME
      The username is shared with another login entry. There are multiple login entries in the options that share the same username. You may have to disambiguate the login entry, e.g., using the last date of modification and its origin.
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      public static final int MATCHING_ORIGIN
      The login entry's origin matches the login form origin. The login was saved from the same origin it is being requested for, rather than for a subdomain.
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    • Hint

      public Hint()