Class GeckoSession.PromptDelegate.DateTimePrompt

Enclosing interface:

public static class GeckoSession.PromptDelegate.DateTimePrompt extends GeckoSession.PromptDelegate.BasePrompt
DateTimePrompt contains the information necessary to represent a prompt for date and/or time input generated by content.
  • Field Details

    • type

      public final int type
      One of GeckoSession.PromptDelegate.DateTimePrompt.Type indicating the type of prompt.
    • defaultValue

      @Nullable public final String defaultValue
      A String representing the default value supplied by content.
    • minValue

      @Nullable public final String minValue
      A String representing the minimum value allowed by content.
    • maxValue

      @Nullable public final String maxValue
      A String representing the maximum value allowed by content.
    • stepValue

      @Nullable public final String stepValue
      A String representing the step value allowed by content.
  • Method Details