Class GeckoSession.ProgressDelegate.SecurityInformation

Enclosing interface:

public static class GeckoSession.ProgressDelegate.SecurityInformation extends Object
Class representing security information for a site.
  • Field Details


      public static final int SECURITY_MODE_UNKNOWN
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      public static final int SECURITY_MODE_IDENTIFIED
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      public static final int SECURITY_MODE_VERIFIED
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      public static final int CONTENT_UNKNOWN
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      public static final int CONTENT_BLOCKED
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      public static final int CONTENT_LOADED
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    • isSecure

      public final boolean isSecure
      Indicates whether or not the site is secure.
    • isException

      public final boolean isException
      Indicates whether or not the site is a security exception.
    • origin

      @Nullable public final String origin
      Contains the origin of the certificate.
    • host

      @NonNull public final String host
      Contains the host associated with the certificate.
    • certificate

      @Nullable public final X509Certificate certificate
      The server certificate in use, if any.
    • securityMode

      public final int securityMode
      Indicates the security level of the site; possible values are SECURITY_MODE_UNKNOWN, SECURITY_MODE_IDENTIFIED, and SECURITY_MODE_VERIFIED. SECURITY_MODE_IDENTIFIED indicates domain validation only, while SECURITY_MODE_VERIFIED indicates extended validation.
    • mixedModePassive

      public final int mixedModePassive
      Indicates the presence of passive mixed content; possible values are CONTENT_UNKNOWN, CONTENT_BLOCKED, and CONTENT_LOADED.
    • mixedModeActive

      public final int mixedModeActive
      Indicates the presence of active mixed content; possible values are CONTENT_UNKNOWN, CONTENT_BLOCKED, and CONTENT_LOADED.
  • Constructor Details

    • SecurityInformation

      protected SecurityInformation()
      Empty constructor for tests