Class GeckoSession.PermissionDelegate.MediaSource

Enclosing interface:

public static class GeckoSession.PermissionDelegate.MediaSource extends Object
  • Field Details


      public static final int SOURCE_CAMERA
      Constant to indicate that camera will be recorded.
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      public static final int SOURCE_SCREEN
      Constant to indicate that screen will be recorded.
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      public static final int SOURCE_MICROPHONE
      Constant to indicate that microphone will be recorded.
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      public static final int SOURCE_AUDIOCAPTURE
      Constant to indicate that device audio playback will be recorded.
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      public static final int SOURCE_OTHER
      Constant to indicate a media source that does not fall under the other categories.
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      public static final int TYPE_VIDEO
      The media type is video.
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      public static final int TYPE_AUDIO
      The media type is audio.
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    • id

      @NonNull public final String id
      A string giving a unique source identifier.
    • name

      @Nullable public final String name
      A string giving the name of the video source from the system (for example, "Camera 0, Facing back, Orientation 90"). May be empty.
    • source

      public final int source
      An int indicating the media source type. Possible values for a video source are: SOURCE_CAMERA, SOURCE_SCREEN, and SOURCE_OTHER. Possible values for an audio source are: SOURCE_MICROPHONE, SOURCE_AUDIOCAPTURE, and SOURCE_OTHER.
    • type

      public final int type
      An int giving the type of media, must be either TYPE_VIDEO or TYPE_AUDIO.
  • Constructor Details

    • MediaSource

      protected MediaSource()
      Empty constructor for tests.