Class GeckoSession.Recommendation

Enclosing class:

@AnyThread public static class GeckoSession.Recommendation extends Object
Contains information about a product recommendation.
  • Field Details

    • analysisUrl

      @NonNull public final String analysisUrl
      Analysis URL.
    • adjustedRating

      @NonNull public final Double adjustedRating
      Adjusted rating.
    • imageUrl

      @NonNull public final String imageUrl
      Url of product recommendation image.
    • aid

      @NonNull public final String aid
      Unique identifier for the ad entity.
    • url

      @NonNull public final String url
      Url of recommended product.
    • name

      @NonNull public final String name
      Name of recommended product.
    • grade

      @NonNull public final String grade
      Grade of recommended product.
    • price

      @NonNull public final String price
      Price of recommended product.
    • currency

      @NonNull public final String currency
      Currency of recommended product.
  • Constructor Details

    • Recommendation

      protected Recommendation(@NonNull GeckoSession.Recommendation.Builder builder)
      Initialize Recommendation with a builder object
      builder - A Recommendation.Builder instance