Class GeckoSession.ReviewAnalysis

Enclosing class:

@AnyThread public static class GeckoSession.ReviewAnalysis extends Object
Contains information about the analysis of a product's reviews.
  • Field Details

    • analysisURL

      @Nullable public final String analysisURL
      Analysis URL.
    • productId

      @Nullable public final String productId
      Product identifier (ASIN/SKU).
    • grade

      @Nullable public final String grade
      Reliability grade for the product's reviews.
    • adjustedRating

      @Nullable public final Double adjustedRating
      Product rating adjusted to exclude untrusted reviews.
    • needsAnalysis

      public final boolean needsAnalysis
      Boolean indicating if the analysis is stale.
    • pageNotSupported

      public final boolean pageNotSupported
      Boolean indicating if the page is not supported.
    • notEnoughReviews

      public final boolean notEnoughReviews
      Boolean indicating if there are not enough reviews.
    • highlights

      @Nullable public final GeckoSession.ReviewAnalysis.Highlight highlights
      Object containing highlights for product.
    • lastAnalysisTime

      public final long lastAnalysisTime
      Time since the last analysis was performed.
    • deletedProductReported

      public final boolean deletedProductReported
      Boolean indicating if reported that this product has been deleted.
    • deletedProduct

      public final boolean deletedProduct
      Boolean indicating if this product is now deleted.
  • Constructor Details

    • ReviewAnalysis

      protected ReviewAnalysis(@NonNull GeckoSession.ReviewAnalysis.Builder builder)
      Initialize a ReviewAnalysis object with a builder object
      builder - A ReviewAnalysis.Builder instance