Struct glean::Configuration

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pub struct Configuration {
Show 13 fields pub upload_enabled: bool, pub data_path: PathBuf, pub application_id: String, pub max_events: Option<usize>, pub delay_ping_lifetime_io: bool, pub server_endpoint: Option<String>, pub uploader: Option<Box<dyn PingUploader + 'static>>, pub use_core_mps: bool, pub trim_data_to_registered_pings: bool, pub log_level: Option<LevelFilter>, pub rate_limit: Option<PingRateLimit>, pub enable_event_timestamps: bool, pub experimentation_id: Option<String>,
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The Glean configuration.

Optional values will be filled in with default values.


§upload_enabled: bool

Whether upload should be enabled.

§data_path: PathBuf

Path to a directory to store all data in.

§application_id: String

The application ID (will be sanitized during initialization).

§max_events: Option<usize>

The maximum number of events to store before sending a ping containing events.

§delay_ping_lifetime_io: bool

Whether Glean should delay persistence of data from metrics with ping lifetime.

§server_endpoint: Option<String>

The server pings are sent to.

§uploader: Option<Box<dyn PingUploader + 'static>>

The instance of the uploader used to send pings.

§use_core_mps: bool

Whether Glean should schedule “metrics” pings for you.

§trim_data_to_registered_pings: bool

Whether Glean should limit its storage to only that of registered pings. Unless you know that all your and your libraries’ pings are appropriately registered before init, you shouldn’t use this.

§log_level: Option<LevelFilter>

The internal logging level.

§rate_limit: Option<PingRateLimit>

The rate pings may be uploaded before they are throttled.

§enable_event_timestamps: bool

(Experimental) Whether to add a wallclock timestamp to all events.

§experimentation_id: Option<String>

An experimentation identifier derived by the application to be sent with all pings, it should be noted that this has an underlying StringMetric and so should conform to the limitations that StringMetric places on length, etc.

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