Open Source Training Series

Open by Design

Open Source Maintainer

This 4-week workshop will introduce a cohort of technical contributors to the opportunity of leadership in open source - as a career bridge and a front-row seat to innovation opportunities through the empowerment of others, and positive influence on open technology and it’s development.

We’ll be ‘learning by doing’, contributing leadership to the Mozilla Devtools/Debugger project, where project leads and engineers are dedicated to your success, and the future of a more inclusive and diverse project. Debugger was recently reviewed as part of a contributor series intended to draw out inclusivity bugs, with topics and questions based on 2017 D&I research and CHAOSS project D&I metrics work.

Each module represents a week and have the following categories of work in each:

  • Personal Leadership: Weekly discussion topics will be voted-on by the cohort as being important, and even critical to their unique experiences and challenges stepping into leadership in FOSS. These discussions will be held in a private Telegram channel to ensure privacy and to build trust between participants.

  • Foundational Skills: Embedded in all activities, and discussions will be those foundational skills and knowledge for success leading technical projects; we’ll include some fun ‘learn-by-doing’ activities specific to the project we’ll be contributing to.

  • Collaboration & Empowerment: Each week, we’ll focus on goals for collaboration, and the varying skillsets required with the different people that make up a project, with an emphasis on inclusivity for those we don’t always see.

We Can Code It — CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by Charis Tsevis

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