MozMEAO SRE Status Report - August 15, 2017

Here’s what happened on the MozMEAO SRE team from August 8th - August 15th.

Current work

MDN Migration to AWS

  • We’ve setup a few cronjobs to periodically sync static files from the current SCL3 datacenter to an S3 bucket. Our Kubernetes development environment runs a cronjobs that pulls these files from S3 to a local EFS mount.
    • There was some additional work needed to deal with files in SCL3 that contained unicode characters in their names.
  • A cronjob in Kubernetes has been implemented to backup new files uploaded to our shared EFS volume.

  • We’ve finished our evaluation of hosted Elasticsearch from, which we’ll be using for our initial migration in production.

Upcoming Portland Deis 1 cluster decommissioning

The Deis 1 cluster in Portland is tentatively scheduled to be decommissioned later this week.