MozMEAO SRE Status Report - September 5, 2017

Here’s what happened on the MozMEAO SRE team from August 29th - September 5th.

Current work

Deis Workflow: Final Release

The final release of Deis Workflow is scheduled for September 9th, 2017. We use Deis Workflow to help run Basket, Bedrock, Snippets, and Careers, so each project will need to be modified to use Kubernetes directly (instead of interfacing with Kubernetes via Deis).

More info here.

MDN Migration to AWS

Analytics eval

We’re evaluating Snowplow to see if it will meet our analytics needs.

Upcoming Portland Deis 1 cluster decommissioning

The Deis 1 cluster in Portland decommissioning has been pushed out until next week due to support issues related to other applications.