Struct mentat::conn::InProgress [] [src]

pub struct InProgress<'a, 'c> { /* fields omitted */ }

Represents an in-progress, not yet committed, set of changes to the store. Call commit to commit your changes, or rollback to discard them. A transaction is held open until you do so. Your changes will be implicitly dropped along with this struct.


impl<'a, 'c> InProgress<'a, 'c>

Choose whether to use in-memory caches for running queries.

If you only have a reference to an InProgress, you can't use the easy builder. This exists so you can make your own.

Trait Implementations

impl<'a, 'c> Queryable for InProgress<'a, 'c>

impl<'a, 'c> Pullable for InProgress<'a, 'c>

impl<'a, 'c> HasSchema for InProgress<'a, 'c>

Return true if the provided entid identifies an attribute in this schema.

Return true if the provided ident identifies an attribute in this schema.

Important traits for &'a [u8]

impl<'a, 'c> VersionedStore for InProgress<'a, 'c>

Check whether the provided vocabulary is present in the store. If it isn't, make it so.

Check whether the provided vocabularies are present in the store at the correct version and with all defined attributes. If any are not, invoke the pre function on the provided VocabularySource, install or upgrade the necessary vocabularies, then invoke post. Returns Ok if all of these steps succeed. Read more

Check whether the vocabulary described by the provided metadata is present in the store.

Make sure that our expectations of the core vocabulary — basic types and attributes — are met.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'a, 'c> !Send for InProgress<'a, 'c>

impl<'a, 'c> !Sync for InProgress<'a, 'c>