Struct mentat::query::Known [] [src]

pub struct Known<'s, 'c> {
    pub schema: &'s Schema,
    pub cache: Option<&'c (CachedAttributes + 'c)>,

A convenience wrapper around things known in memory: the schema and caches. We use a trait object here to avoid making dozens of functions generic over the type of the cache. If performance becomes a concern, we should hard-code specific kinds of cache right here, and/or eliminate the Option.



impl<'s, 'c> Known<'s, 'c>

impl<'s, 'c> Known<'s, 'c>

This is CachedAttributes, but with handy generic parameters. Why not make the trait generic? Because then we can't use it as a trait object in Known.

Trait Implementations

impl<'s, 'c> Copy for Known<'s, 'c>

impl<'s, 'c> Clone for Known<'s, 'c>

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Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'s, 'c> !Send for Known<'s, 'c>

impl<'s, 'c> !Sync for Known<'s, 'c>